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Joga Bonito vs YMCA 2 game review

El Periodico del Futbol
Chicago and Evanston
Monday March 14, 2010

Joga Bonito vs YMCA 2 game review

Hi there my fellow soccer lovers!

Time to talk about your favorite soccer team: Joga Bonito! I am super busy interviewing an old friend that you might have heard of: Sir Alex Ferguson. Yes I am hanging out with Fergie at Old Trafford asking him questions about the Champions League quarter final draw Manchester United vs Chelsea. Here is what he said: “Chelsea? No biggie. Will beat them. No problem.” Can you believe this guy? Haha! Check out my attached pic at Old Trafford! So I will make this short and sweet.

Joga Bonito defeated YMCA#2 7 to 1!

That’s it! What? I told you it would be short and sweet.

Ok, ok. Basically, Game started and YMCA#2 which is suppose to be the weakest team so far didn’t look so weak at all. They were giving JB a very tough time. Next thing I know, Manager Carlos Quintero gets a yellow card by the ref and he is not even playing! So I do some research and try to find out what happened. Turns out that YMCA#2 were playing with all male players on the field. The YMCA rules clearly say and I quote: “All teams must have at least, but are not limited to one female players on the field of play at all time.” This means that all teams must have 1 or more female players on the field during the game during the entire game. So, Carlos was complaining to the ref that the other team was not following the rule. The ref told him that he could not enforce the rule. Carlos asked him “What do you mean you cannot enforce the rule? You are the ref!” The ref stopped the game and gave Carlos a yellow card! Can you believe it? This is the most ridiculous ref I have ever seen in my life! Anyway, Carlos went to complain to the other ref and to his surprise the other ref said the same thing! Carlos knew that he was dealing with ignorant referees so he went straight to the coordinator. The coordinator came out and spoke with the refs. Carlos was right. The refs were wrong. What a surprise, right?

Anyway, do you still want to hear about the game? Ok, ok.

JB had a rough time during the first part of the first half. Mauricio saved a couple of nice shots. Keith, Alicia, Robin and Tony were holding the defensive line very well. Pablo, Ernie and Carlos were taking shots but nothing was going in. Patience was key. Finally, at the 15th minute, Pablo takes a shot and finds the net! JB leads 1-0. JB starts passing the ball well. Ernie receives a nice pass and squeezes the ball in the net. JB wins 2-0. Half time buzzer sounds. Manager Carlos and goalie Mauricio give some direction.

You could see JB is a much better team but they could not find connection. YMCA#2 attacker receives the ball in the midfield and in a nice play is able to pass it to their striker who takes a shot and scores. JB is shocked. JB still leads 2-1. JB knows they need to focus and be patient. Captain Carlos decides to switch positions and begins playing center back while leaving Keith as a right back. He send Tony up to the midfield. Tony immediately connects with Pablo and Ernie and the rain of goals begins. Pablo scores again. JB wins 3-1. Tony scores 4-1. Ernie scores again 5-1. Pablo shoots and scores 6-1. And finally, Tony kills the game with a 7th goal. JB wins 7-1!!!

Player of the match: Tony Gamboa
Tony usually plays defense and he did during the first half. However, when Manager Carlos moved him up, Tony immediately made a huge impact in the game scoring 2 goals and providing many opportunities for Pablo and Ernie. Manager Carlos had this to say about his player:

“Tony is one of those unique players who can play many positions and he plays all of them well. He also is one of those players who follows instructions perfectly. If I ask him to goalkeep, I know he will do it, he will enjoy it and he will be excellent at it! We are very fortunate to have him in our team.”

Next Game: Joga Bonito vs Willard Warriors (Sunday March 27 at 7pm)
JB’s next opponent is very well known. JB defeated the Willard Warriors 4-3 in last years 2010 final game. I know that Willard Warriors is fired up about playing JB again. They will be a tough opponent so you do not want to miss this game!

And remember… love the game and the game will love you back! Thanks for reading!

Carlos Quintero
Journalist Wannabe
El Peridico del Futbol

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joga Bonito vs Fish Keg United game review

El Periodico del Futbol
Chicago and Evanston
Monday March 7, 2010

Joga Bonito vs Fish Keg United game review

Hi there my fellow soccer lovers!

Time to talk about your favorite soccer team: Joga Bonito! Yesterday JB had an INTENSE game against Fish Keg United. I was not kidding when I said last week that Fish Keg was not the same team as last season. They now have better players that really gave JB a hard time.

From the very beginning, Fish Keg showed that they were not going to be pushed around like last season. They began attacking immediately with several scoring opportunities. JB needed to step up their game and they did with Carlos and Pablo taking some nice shots at the goal. At the 10th minute, Carlos received a pass and was holding the ball on the side while to defenders came at him. He saw Emily Lovejoy wide open in front of the goalie and was able to squeeze a pass through the middle of the two defenders. Lovejoy controlled the ball, shot and scored! JB leads 1-0. Fish Keg was not giving up. They tried hard to tie the game. However, at the 15th minute Rolando crushed their hopes by holding the ball and performing his signature turn and scoring! JB leads 2-0. Alicia and Keith were holding the defensive wall amazingly. However, almost at the end of the second half, it looked like JB slowed down a bit after their second goal. Perhaps they thought that they had this game in the bag. Fish Keg shocked them at the 20th minute when during a very crazy play where the ball was going all over the place someone shot and the ball was deflected by another player and it went in Mauricio’s net. JB 2 – Fish Keg 1. End of half time.

Rolando, Mauricio and Carlos gave the team encouraging instructions during half time and everyone was ready to fight for the win. Unfortunately for JB, Fish Keg pushed hard for the tie and they got it at the 5th minute of the second half. JB 2 – Fish Keg 2. The next 10 minutes became very intense. Both teams attacked and defended like if it was the YMCA final. Pablo, Tony and Ernie created some nice opportunities that sadly did not go in. Both teams wanted to win this game. Finally, at the 20th minute, JB’s top scorer Rolando grabbed the ball again and fooled Fish Keg’s center back and goalie giving JB the lead again! JB 3 – Fish Keg 2. I am sure that the next 5 minutes felt like 5 seconds for Fish Keg and 5 hours for JB. JB was able to hold their defense and they even had a couple of opportunities to kill the game since Fish Keg was mostly attacking to tie the game. JB wins 3-2!

Player of the match: Emily Lovejoy
I must say that I was very impressed with Lovejoy yesterday. The goal she scored at the beginning was extremely important in JB’s win. She made a smart move in standing at the open space in front of the goalie waiting for Carlos’ pass. At the same time she defended fearlessly during the entire second half.

Transfer Season and Injury Update
Joga Bonito’s manager has to make some changes in his squad for the next couple of games due to players absence and injuries. As most of you know, Colombian international Antonio Escalante still remains in the injury list. I am sure that he is extremely missed by the entire team. In his absence, manager Carlos was happy to receive Peruvian international Anthony Gamboa on a short term agreement with Barcelona FC. Lovejoy and Shand were not included in the squad list against YMCA 2 on March 20 and against Willard Warriors on March 27. The manager has requested a short term loan agreement for a new player. I am excited to announce that JB has come to an agreement with the Chicago Red Stars and US international Robin Stark will be helping JB for the next 2 games! Rumors say that Robin is the next Mia Hamm so watch her closely. I guarantee that her moves will blow your mind!

Next Game: Joga Bonito vs YMCA 2 (Sunday March 20 at 4pm)
JB’s next opponent is probably the weakest in the tournament as you can see from the standings below. However, I hope manager Carlos does not count them out automatically since I am sure they will play with all their might. I was able to catch up with manager Carlos for comments about yesterday’s game and about his next opponent.

“Yes, we had a rough game yesterday. I am very please with my entire squad’s performance. They fought for the win and they got it. Yes, we fell asleep at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second. We need to make adjustments when we are on defensive mode. And I am not talking about the defenders only. I am talking about the entire team being on defensive mentality. YMCA 2 has lost all of their 5 games. I assume that this is an extra incentive for them to play even harder against us. We will not underestimate them. We respect all of the other opponents equally.”

And remember… love the game and the game will love you back!

Carlos Quintero
Journalist Wannabe
El Peridico del Futbol

YMCA indoor soccer league Sunday March 6 review

El Periodico del Futbol
Chicago and Evanston
Monday March 7, 2010

YMCA indoor soccer league Sunday March 6 review

Hi there my fellow soccer lovers!

Time to talk about your favorite soccer team: Joga Bonito! Well, actually, JB was off yesterday. But that doesn’t mean I am off! I am here to let you know what happened during the other games. But first, any other fun soccer news? I think so! Premier league leaders Manchester United had a rough week away from home, didn’t they? Chelsea beats them 2-1 and yesterday Liverpool beats them 3-1! The premier league is getting better and better, isn’t it? Exciting!

Anywho, real quick let’s get to the YMCA league. As you can see from results below, JB’s next opponent Fish Keg United destroyed YMCA #2 5-1. I don’t think that this is the same Fish Keg United from last season. I think JB should really prepare for a competitive game. The game will be this coming Sunday at 6pm. If you cannot be there, there are rumors that you will be able to purchase it through PPV for about $100 per minute! Now, that’s a bargain!

The other news is that Val Old Style defeated Willard Warriors 3-1. Val Old Style is another team that will give JB a very tough time.

I am noticing that this will not be an easy season for Joga Bonito. Teams have improved and new competitive teams are definitely fighting to win.

We tried to catch up with Joga Bonito’s manager Carlos Quintero for comments on the other teams but could not find him anywhere. Rumors say that he was hiding in his million dollar yacht close to the Bahamas during his weekend off!

And remember… love the game and the game will love you back!

Carlos Quintero
Journalist Wannabe
El Peridico del Futbol

Monday, February 28, 2011

Joga Bonito vs Mitad del Mundo game review

El Periodico del Futbol
Chicago and Evanston, Monday February 28, 2010

Joga Bonito vs Mitad del Mundo game review

Hi there my fellow soccer lovers! Don’t know about you but it was a fun soccer weekend for me. Saturday, my Latin America team won the intercontinental tournament trashing the European team 6-1 in the final! These tournaments are a lot of fun. If you are interested in participating let me know.

Barcelona won 3-0 and is on track to the championship again since Madrid tied 0-0. Did anyone see Messi’s header goal? Lots of fun!

Some shocking results, West Ham United which is in relegation danger schooled Liverpool at home 3-1. And also, Arsenal lost the Carling Cup final against Birmingham which is also in relegation danger. Did anyone see Birmingham’s second goal that gave them the trophy? I feel so bad for the center back Koscielny who made a brutal mistake.

Anyhow, let’s talk about Joga Bonito! The bad news is that JB’s medical team has announced that international Colombian super star defender Antonio Escalante needs more time to recover from his knee so he will be missing in action for a few weeks. The good news is that just before the transfer season was over Joga Bonito was able to negotiate with FC Barcelona for a return of Tony “El Destructor” Gamboa on a temporary loan. Tony will cover for Antonio when he cannot play.

JB had a rough first half as Rolando was the only one who was able to score during the first half of the game against Mitad del Mundo. However, JB had most of the ball possession and everyone could see that JB just needed to finish to complete the job. Manager Quintero encouraged during half time asking the team to be patient and to keep passing the ball. The goals will eventually come. And he was right! Two minutes into the second half, there was a beautiful combination between Rolando, Carlos and Tony was able to finish with a second goal. JB wins 2-0. But that was not all. Two minutes later. Keith receives a ball from Carlos and gives it to Rolando who puts it in the net. JB wins 3-0. At this point of the game, I think the ref made a bad call. There was a handball inside the goalie area in favor of JB. It should have been a penalty kick but the ref called it outside. Half way through the second half, again Rolando gives a nice pass to Carlos who squeezes the ball inside the goal. JB wins 4-0. At around the 20th minute of the second half, the ball clearly hits Keith’s stomach but the ref calls a penalty against JB. Where do they get these refs? Anyway, never fear Mauricio “La Muralla” Pumarejo is here! The amazing Mauricio stretches and dives to his right and hits that ball outside his net. You can see the guys just loves clean sheets. Finally, Tony makes a run and assists Rolando who does not hesitates and rockets the ball pass the goalie. Final score: JB wins 5-0! This was not one of JB’s prettiest games but they got the job done. I was able to catch up with Captain Carlos for comments:

“Yeah, we had a rough first half when the ball did not want to go in. We just needed to make some adjustments. Distribute the ball more to the sides. Patience was key. We have some work to do if we want to beat the better teams but for today we got the job done and I am grateful to my team.”

Player of the match: Rolando Paz
Rolando “El Demoledor de Arcos” is back! I must confess that I was missing that guy who scored 28 goals last season. Well he was on fire yesterday scoring 3 masterpieces that helped JB win 5-0. It is truly amazing that this guy is 41 years old and with an injured knee still scores so many goals. JB is very fortunate to have him in the squad.

JB has next weekend off. Next game will be on Sunday March 13th at 6pm again against the infamous Fish Keg United.

Thanks for reading. I am still waiting for comments from all my fans!

And remember… love the game and the game will love you back!

Carlos Quintero
Journalist Wannabe
El Peridico del Futbol

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joga Bonito got some competition!

El Periodico del Futbol
Chicago and Evanston, Monday February 21, 2010

Joga Bonito got some competition!

Hi there my fellow soccer lovers! I know some of you are busy so I will make this short and painless.

Let’s get to the point, Joga Bonito got some competition! I knew that the BuckyBalls were a good competition for Joga Bonito but did not know that they would be so good. Yesterday’s game was amazing. It was the best game I have seen in a long time. Joga Bonito had some disadvantages as Pablo was missing, Rolando and Antonio are coming back from knee injuries and Carlos is coming back from the flu. Still, Joga Bonito squad was very strong yesterday and they showed tremendous character. Still I had to talk to Manager Carlos Quintero about his opinion on the game because obviously Joga Bonito were favorites to win. He shared the following comments:

“Listen, it is not a surprise that other teams are stronger than last year. Joga Bonito is not invincible. We are here to play well and my players gave an amazing performance yesterday. I am very proud of them. We welcome competition. I had a lot of fun yesterday. It was the best game I have seen in a while.”

I know, I know. You are dying to know what happened during the game. Ok, let me tell you. Bucky Balls immediately began attacking and showed Joga Bonito that they were not the same team from last season. They had a very good player who dribbled, shot and scored in the 5th minute. You could see that Joga Bonito was shocked. Joga Bonito began loosing 0-1. They realized that this game was not going to be easy and they would have to fight for a win. Carlos took a couple of strong shots that the goalie was able to save with some difficulty. Mauricio’s night was also very busy as he saved JB in various occasions. They became extra focused and in the 15th minute Joga Bonito’s #9 Ernie tied the game with a beautiful strong shot that the goalie could not hold. The half time buzzer went off and the game was 1-1. Manager Carlos shared a few words of encouragement as so did Rolando and Antonio. Joga Bonito was ready to back on the court. You could see that Captain Carlos was running out of air and fighting his congestion. Antonio and Rolando were trying to be careful with their knees as well.

The second half began tense. Neither team wanted to allow a goal. Defenders were extra focused. Keith, Alicinha, Antonio, Shand and Lovejoy were giving some of the best defending performance I have seen in a while. Both teams took great shots and both goalies saved again and again. Strikers were frustrated. Then, in the 7th minute, the Bucky Balls found the net again with a great shot. Joga Bonito was shocked again. Joga Bonito is loosing 1-2. But they did not give up. They fought and hustled. Finally, in the 12th minute, Rolando passed the ball to Keith who was near the corner kick. Keith was able to set Carlos for a shot. The captain drove that ball with everything in his power and the ball found the top right corner net! Joga Bonito ties the game again 2-2. Later, in the 16th minute, Joga Bonito’s #7 Rolando received the ball in the middle. He covered the ball well with his body and was able to turn, dribble a player, shoot and score! Joga Bonito is in the lead for the first time 3-2! The next 9 minutes probably felt like an eternity. I am sure JB wanted the game to end. However, BB was not done yet. Both teams began committing more fouls. They did not want to allow any goals. In the 22nd minute BB found a ball in the middle and was able to squeeze at the bottom right of the net. BB ties the game again 3-3. The next 3 minutes were beyond intense. You could see neither team wanted to loose. Both teams tightened their defense. Shots were taken unsuccessfully. The final buzzer went off and the game ended 3-3! Wow! What a game. I can see this season is going to be more exciting as Joga Bonito as more competition.

Player of the match: Mauricio Pumarejo
It was hard to select a most valuable player because I feel the entire team game all their might. However, I must say Mauricio had a busy night at the goal. Yes, he did receive 3 goals, but he saved many more than that. Every time he allowed a goal you could see he was beating the floor angry at himself for not been able to stop the ball. He is one of those few goalies who hates allowing a goal even if it is not his fault. Joga Bonito is very fortunate to have Mau as their goalie.
And remember… love the game and the game will love you back!

Carlos Quintero
Journalist Wannabe
El Peridico del Futbol

Joga Bonito is back!

El Periodico del Futbol

Chicago and Evanston, Monday February 14, 2010

Joga Bonito is back!

Hi there my fellow soccer lovers! Yes I am back! Your favorite soccer journalist is here to give you all the best soccer news you will ever get!

By the way, did everybody see Wayne Rooney’s goal this past weekend? If you haven’t, you have to see it! Sick! Best goal of 2011 hands down! In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than a bicycle kick on a top corner!

So you might be asking, “Wait, what happened to The Soccer Times?” Well, I am not going to sugar coated. I got fired! Can you believe it? They said my articles stink! But who cares right? It’s their lost. I got a new job anyway. Now, this place is not as big as The Soccer Times, but it’s a job so I am happy. As you can see, I work for El Periodico del Futbol. I hope you enjoy it!

Sorry for my late article. Happy belated Dia de San Valentin. I’ve been sick. But now I am back to tell you everything about your favorite soccer team: Joga Bonito! Yes. The YMCA indoor soccer league began this past Sunday Feb 14. The tournament again has 9 teams. There were 4 games this past Sunday and one team rested.

Transfer Season

Joga bonito had to face a new team this past Sunday: Crazy Uncle Tony. Please don’t ask about the name. I feel the same you do. Anyway, Joga Bonito started with some bad news before the game. International Honduras superstar striker Rolando Paz was ruled out of the game for personal family reasons. Also, captain Carlos Quintero was hit by a severe flu and was questionable for the game. And finally, international Colombian superstar defender Antonio Escalante was also questionable due to knee injury recovery. The good news is that everyone else was there! Well, almost everyone. During the busy January transfer season, Joga Bonito received an undisclosed hefty offer for international Peruvian superstar Anthony Gamboa from non other than FC Barcelona! There are rumors that the fee was 100 million Euros! Anywho, Joga Bonito’s president Carlos Quintero had no choice but to take the money and run! The good news is that Joga Bonito did receive a replacement. Joga Bonito is always looking for new young talent. Manager Carlos Quintero has called this new player “The Next Marta”! She was transferred for a bargain fee of 5 million Euros from non other than infamous Brazilian multi champions Sao Paulo. Her name is Alicinha!

Joga Bonito vs Crazy Uncle Tony

Now, let’s talk about Joga Bonito’s first game. Manager Quintero did not know what to expect from this new team. Joga Bonito still stuck with his passing philosophy. Antonio, Carlos and Alicia began in the bench. The formation was Mau as goalie, Keith as center back, Shand as right back, Lovejoy as left back, Pablo and Ernie in the attack. Joga Bonito started a little rough but quickly adjusted and passed it very comfortable. Pablo and Ernie took some shots to test the goalie. Finally in the 10th minute, Pablo hustled the ball in the area and Ernie was able to push it in! In the 20th minute Pablo scores again and the game is in favor of JB 2-0 by half time. The manager encouraged the team telling them they are playing well and no need to get impatient with more goals. Indeed, JB was playing well, but I felt it was nothing compared to the machine I saw from last season. Obviously, their top scorer Rolando was missing so I was not expecting JB to demolish this team. However, I was mistaken.

The second half was a completely different story. JB began feeling more and more comfortable keeping most of the ball possession. Captain Carlos and Antonio was able to play more minutes. The talented ladies Alicinha, Shand and Lovejoy were defending beautifully. Keith was rock solid as center back. Crazy Uncle Tony made a huge mistake. They did not understand that JB was much better than them and they decided to attack instead of defend. JB stole the ball every single time and counter attacked finishing almost every time. Pablo, Ernie, Carlos and Antonio all scored. 3-0, 4-0, 5-0. JB made it look so easy. Crazy Uncle Tony could not believe it. 6-0, 7-0, 8-0, 9-0 and 10-0! Final score: 10-0! Yes, indeed, Joga Bonito is back! Now, they destroyed this team 10-0 and their top scorer Rolando was not even there!

Player of the match: Pablo!

I was truly impressed with Pablo during this game. Not just because he scored 5 goals. He created many opportunities and was truly a team player for Joga Bonito. Manager Carlos Quintero had this to say about his star player, “Pablo was key for our success. And I am not talking about his 5 goals. He was the motor of the team. He received the ball and distributed everywhere. I enjoyed watching him and Ernie playing attack.”

Next game will be against a familiar team: The Bucky Balls. Manager Carlos Quintero is well aware of this tough opponent. Bucky Balls defeated JB in earlier years of the tournament. But the last 2 years, JB has dominated this rivalry. Can BB give JB a good challenge this coming Sunday? You do not want to miss this game! Thanks for reading!

Carlos Quintero

El Periodico Del Futbol Journalist

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Joga Bonito 2010 YMCA Indoor Soccer Champs!

Chicago & Evanston. Monday April 26, 2010

The Soccer Times

Hello soccer fans!

Amazing soccer weekend, wasnt it? I promise that today is all about the YMCA indoor soccer league! No news from other leagues. Although, did you see Manchester United vs Totteham final minutes? Sorry. Couldnt hold it in!

Anyways, I gave you an update about the quarter finals before. The only one missing was the one between Chupacabras vs YMCA. Now, this YMCA team looked promising with a couple of very good players but it looks like they lacked the leadership that will keep them organized. They didnt even show up for the quarter finals! Chupacabras won by forfeit because YMCA didnt have enough players. Chupacabras moves on to meet Willard Warriors in the semi final. It was an entertaining game but I must say that the Warriors dominated the game. Second place in regular season standings Willard Warriors defeats Chupacabras 3-0!

Semi Final Review: Joga Bonito vs Fish Keg United
So the first semi final was Joga Bonito vs Fish Keg United. The score during the regular season was 7-1 in Joga Bonito's favor but there is always a big difference about a regular season game and a playoff game even if it is with the same teams. We knew this was not going to be that easy for JB. Goalie Mauricio, Pablo and Ernesto were a little late to the game. Anthony was sick and Antonio was injured. Coach Carlos had to call help from the Joga Bonito reserve team and they sent non other than Alicinha to step in for a few minutes! She did a great job! Captain Carlos had to goalkeep for a few minutes too until Mauricio arrived.

Joga Bonito started the game well with their signature passing. However, it was taking JB some time to find the net. Finally 10 minutes before the end of the first half, Rolando intercepted a bad pass from FKU, dribbled around a defender and scored! JB wins 1-0. Two minutes later, Ernesto scores for JB in a beautiful play involving Ernesto intercepting a ball giving it to Pablo who gave it to Rolando who gave it back to Ernesto. It was a nice goal! JB wins 2-0. Just 3 minutes before half time, Keith recovers a ball from the opponent, gives it to Ernesto who gives a one touch pass to Carlos. The Captain takes a hard shot that the goalie saves but cannot control and fortunately Ernesto is close enough to complete the finish! Half time score: JB 3 vs FKU 0.

The second half was very rough with no goals for most of it. Almost 6 minutes before the end of the game, Mauricio throws the ball to Rolando who is in the center of the court. Rolando sees he has a lot of pressure from the opponent and gives a one touch pass back to Keith to relief that pressure. Keith sees Captain Carlos on the left wing unmarked and gives him a beautiful pass. Carlos controls the ball and sees Rolando running on the other side calling him. Captain Carlos rolls a nice horizontal through pass to Rolando who finishes in an amazing one time shot! JB 4 vs FKU 0! Finally, almost 30 seconds before the end of the game, the ball is bouncing all over the place in JB's PK area and it accidentally touches Shand's hand. The ref calls a PK! That's a harsh call in my opinion! Shand never intended to touch the ball with the hand, the ball just bounced on her had. She had her arm down all the time! Anyway, Fish Keg's goalie takes the PK and succeeds. Final score: JB 4 vs Fish Keg 1! Wow! What a semi final!

2010 Indoor Soccer YMCA FINAL GAME: Joga Bonito vs Willard Warriors Review
In the first few minuted, WW showed that they were not going to be dominated by JB. WW had a couple of chances showing that they are just as good. However, Captain Carlos shocked them in 4th minuted when he took a shot from the left side that finished in the net and scored the first goal of the game. JB wins 1-0. Apparently, WW were not expecting that and were a little discouraged because 2 minutes later, Rolando takes another shot and scores! JB wins 2-0. After these quick goals, everyone thought that this was going to be a piece of cake for JB. Wrong! One minuted after JB's second goal, WW takes a shot which Mauricio saves, but then the WW striker takes the rebound which hits Mauricio in the mouth!

Goalkeeper Mau is down and is asking for medical attention, but the ref does not stop the game! Everyone can hear Captain Carlos yelling at the ref that the goalie is down, but the ref ignores him and continues the game. It was very quick and another WW striker takes the shot while Mau is down and scores! I think this was a harsh call by the ref! Anyway, the score is now 2-1 in JB's favor. But that is not the bad news, the bad news is that Mauricio is out holding his lip and saying that his braces got inside his lip! Mauricio could not goalkeep anymore! You can see how Coach Carlos was not expecting that at all! The medical staff had to take Mau off the stadium and to the hospital! Fortunately, Mau is better now, but sadly he could not finish the game.

Captain Carlos has no other options but to suit up and put his gloves on. You can see he doesnt like that at all but he is willing to sacrifice for his team. The game becomes intense with this 2-1 score for the next several minutes. Fortunately, 12 minutes before the end of the the first half, second goalie Carlos saves an easy shot and then throws the ball to Rolando who receives in the midfield. Rolando tries to elude an opponent and barely gives a nice pass to Keith who returns the ball to Rolando in a nice triangular one touch pass. Then, Rolando gives back the ball to Keith in another triangular one touch pass and Keith slides sending the ball to Ernesto who scores! In my opinion this was one of the most beautiful goals of the tournament! Very nice passing! First half is over and the score is 3-1 in favor of Joga Bonito.

The second half was a different story where JB had to defend like crazy! Willard Warriors were determined to tie the game. Five minutes into the second half, WW is able to get the ball in the area and in a moment of confusion scored their second goal! The score is now 3-2 and the game turns intense again! About ten minutes before the end of the game, Ernesto finds the net again and put JB at 4-2! Five minutes before the end, WW takes a shot low and right which Captain Carlos dives and saves! JB thought that WW would give up in the last couple of minutes, but they didnt. One minute and a half before the end, WW's striker hustles and is able to sneak in the ball pass Keith and Carlos! The score is now 4-3 with 1 minute left!. JB is desperately trying to defend and kill time. They are able to run down the clock and win the final 4-3!!! Wow! INTENSE FINAL! Congrats to JB!

We caught up with Captain Carlos and Coach Carlos (who by the way there are rumors that they are the same person!), "This is the happiest day of my career! I am very proud of all my players! They gave an outstanding performance! This trophy belongs to them!"

Captain Carlos was nearly in tears when US international super star Keith gave him a gift from the entire team: an ADIDAS AdiPure black and white ball signed by the entire crew plus the stats of the tournament!

From all our huge staff in The Soccer Times, we want to deeply congratulate Joga Bonito for an amazing tournament and FINAL. We cannot wait to see them next season 2011!!!

JB Top Scorers

Rolando 21 (Regular) + 7 (Playoffs) = 28
Ernesto 9 (Regular) + 5 (Playoffs) = 14
Tony 6 (Reg) + 3 (Playoffs) = 9
Antonio 8 (Reg)
Carlos 5 (Reg) + 3 (Playoffs) = 8
Keith 4
Pablo 4
Lovejoy 3
Alex 2
Shand 1
Byron 1
Own 1
Total 62 (Regular) + 21 (Plyaoffs) = 83!!!

2010 Award Ceremony
Friday April 30 at 8pm
Lou Malanati's
6649 North Lincoln Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL‎ - (847) 673-0800‎
Pizza and drinks sponsored by The Soccer Times!

Come and join us to celebrate with Joga Bonito!

Interesting Statistics
- Let's start with the only bad news, JB allowed more goals than last season. In 2009, they allowed 6 goals. In 2010, they allowed 16.

- Now, lets' move to the good and amazing news, I am excited to announce that Joga Bonito has won 22 YMCA indoor soccer official games in a row! JB is unstoppable!.

- JB has broken their own record for most goals scored in the YMCA tournament. In 2009, they scored 77 goals. In 2010, they scored 83! The second team in the league that scored most goals was YMCA and they scored only 34 goals! Can you believe it?

- International Honduran super star Roland Paz has broken his own record for scoring the most goals! In 2009, he scored 25 goals. In 2010, he scored 28 goals and he did it with his injured knee!!! This guy is a monster! He scored about 34% of Joga Bonito's goals.

- Finally, it is interesting to point out that this was the first YMCA tournament where the referee decided to use the official FUTSAL ball. Joga Bonito was loving it! They are forever grateful to the YMCA and the referee from bringing the balls from Brazil!

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